What is MDTSEA?

    The Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association is the professional organization of driver educators in Minnesota. Its purpose is to teach young people to drive safely and defensively. Each year it offers to its members regional workshops and a spring conference. MDTSEA strives to improve traffic safety and traffic safety education by lobbying the state legislature to do more in these areas. The Milepost, published several times each year, keeps the members informed of organizational activities, traffic safety news, Minnesota's traffic laws and regulations, and other pertinent information.

How Do I Join MDTSEA?

    The Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association membership is open to all driver education teachers in Minnesota (see note below) and interested individuals and groups through out the United States. This membership includes a subscription to "The Milepost". The individual membership is $40.00. For more information or to join contact our secretary,
See membership requirements below and fill out this form. MDTSEA Membership Form

    The newsletter of MDTSEA is called the "Milepost". This is published at various times of the year to keep driver educators informed on the activities of the organization and related news. For information on receiving "The Milepost" contact our secretary,

MDTSEA Holds Conference

    At the end of March and beginning of April MDTSEA holds a conference. Through speakers, discussion groups and business meetings the driver educators of Minnesota bring new ideas to the forefront. Click here for a registration form. Click here for current program schedule.

MDTSEA Holds Winter Workshops

    Each Winter, a series of workshops is held thoughout Minnesota to bring the area's driver educators together, to discuss problems and successes and to provide the teachers with new ideas.

Minnesota Easy-to-Read Driver's Manual

   MDTSEA publishes and distributes a manual designed to help those with reading or learning difficulties to understand Minnesota's traffic laws. This book contains virtually all of the information found in the official state manual; but it is written in easier-to-understand language and in much larger print.

The MDTSEA Board Meets

    The Board of Directors meets on a regular basis. The scheduled meetings are usually in February, March, June, September and December. All meetings are in St. Cloud. Contact our secretary for details.
    Through our support of the teacher licensure program MDTSEA is assisting Minnesota teachers who want to become driver educators in achieving their goal.

Driver Education E-Mail

The driver educators of Minnesota also have an E-Mail notice system. For more information contact MDTSEA Webmaster.

The Matt Barry Award

    Each year MDTSEA awards a Matt Barry Award of Excellence for outstanding contribution to traffic safety education.

MDTSEA Helped Create New Rules

    Several MDTSEA members were on the committee to create new rules for driver education.   The official version can be found on the DPS web site but that is broken into chapters that need to be downloaded separately.   It also contains rules for class A, B and C vehicle training, motorcycle classes and driver improvement classes.   MDTSEA has downloaded the rules and separated out those that concern high school driver ed.   These are set up as a single document in two versions - Word format and plain text format.

Copy of driver ed rules concerning high schools in MS Word format. (128 k)
Copy of driver ed rules concerning high schools in text format. (88 k)

Driver Education Projects

    Check out the Projects Page.  for many years MDTSEA worked closely with the Minnesota Highway Safety Center on many projects and activities.
    The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association

Membership requirements from the constitution

Section 2: Professional members shall be persons licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Teaching to teach or supervise Driver and Traffic Safety Education Programs; persons responsible for the supervision of Traffic Safety Education programs endorsed by the Minnesota Department of Education; persons employed in College Driver and Traffic Safety Education Programs; and persons employed by the Minnesota Department of Education to work in the Driver and Traffic Safety Education Field.

Section 6: Sustaining members shall be other persons or organizations who wish to support the aims and objectives of the Association. Granting of Sustaining membership shall in no way bind this Association to support philosophies or policies of any Sustaining member, nor to support or participate in projects or undertakings of said Sustaining member. Sustaining members are subject to annual approval of the Board of Directors, and they will enjoy all the benefits of professional members except that of voting.

MDTSEA Membership Form
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