Each year MDTSEA holds workshops in ten cities around the state. The 2015 Winter Workshops will be held January 21 and 28.

The schedule is . . .

Registration is 5:30 until 6:00.

The welcome and meal begins at 6:00.

After the meal we will have a discussion with a local examiner. That will be followed with a speaker. There may be new curriculum materials.

MDTSEA's legislative plans and some new curriculum materials will complete the evening.

Comments gathered from previous workshops.

2014 Winter Workshop Report:

We cancelled the Rice / St. Cloud Workshop due to only one registration. The Thief River Falls workshop was postponed but held January 22. The Perham workshop was postponed January 15, postponed January 22 and was finally held on January 29th.

The evaluations looked good. The people on the South East and South Central regions were not pleased with the Owatonna location. We will split those two back to their old locations. My problem is finding a reliable person to conduct the SE workshop. The people I have dealt with in the past have not responded to e-mail questions and connecting by phone has been difficult.

The motorcycle people appreciated the opportunity to visit with us and the teaches commented that they learned a lot. The first six workshop bills were paid within a couple of days. Thank you Bea. It appears that we made a profit of about $200 after expenses have been paid.

Some typical comments: Felt very welcomed, time to visit, exchange ideas and find out what others are doing, excellent supper, liked motorcycle topic, excellent materials, keep it on Wednesday, nice to visit old friends, learn something every year, awesome, move back to Kasson, schedule the workshop in November or February.

One examiner said he would help set up a parent's night.

There was a discussion about the equipment demonstration. The students need to be aware of the parking/emergency brake, mirror button and headlights. Drivers can miss two and still take the test.

We need to be aware of Venessa's Law and check if students are under that law. Before an intersection students must look ahead and scan the other possible problems. Eighteen to-20 year olds fail the first time if they have not had driver ed. They have “no clue” of what to do. Sixty percent of drivers pass road test. There is about a 70% passing rate on the written test with a higher rate for teens.

Reminder: Do not practice on exam routes. No road tests in rental vehicles unless the driver is listed on the rental agreement.

Be sure to turn into proper lane and position in the lane. Watch for one way streets and don't turn the wrong way down one. Four-way flashers or signals are not needed on 90° back. A over the shoulder check is necessary when leaving a parking space. Back up cameras are ok to use. Hitting the curb does not always mean points are lost. Students should ask questions like "Can I restart this park?".

Fees went up January 1, 2014. The yellow paper is valid for 45 days but the plastic cards are usually out by 30 days. On-line driver ed is not acceptable. When curbs are covered by snow, get as close to the snow as possible for turns.


Everyone must have a drivers license before getting a motorcycle license. Those under 18 must take a motorcycle class. Some insurance companies give a discount for taking a safety class. A mo-ped under 50 cc's does not need a license. There has been an increase in motorcycle rider deaths in recent years. Some of the reasons include rider error, motorists turn left into cycle path and new cyclists on curve. In car vs motorcycle crashes, the cyclist is 5 times as likely to die. A DVD called "Intersections" is recommended. Drivers must double check the blind spot before changing lanes. It is common to hear "I didn't see him." Riders must wear safety gear for protection. Cyclists can ride side by side but it is not recommended.

"Things break fast but heal slow!"

Most exams can only be scheduled 60 days out. You can make appointments in person, on the internet or by phone. Note some exam stations do not have phones so you need to call the regional office. There is a possibility of scheduling farther out.

Since October 2011, Minnesota is now using the "Triple Check" procedure mandated by the feds. Any time a person gets a new card they check social security, and two other databases. Any unpaid fines or such in any state will keep you from proceeding.

Home school students must have letter from DPS before they can enroll and get a blue card.

Suggestion: Print manuals for in class use. Replace only pages when they change. Put online manual into powerpoints.

The new law about not blocking intersections does not apply to left turns. Continue to enter the intersection to wait for oncoming traffic to clear.

Blue and white cards are showing up without being filled out properly. Must have legal name, birth date and normal signature.

The pretest checks are failing students. They must have insurance card and know how to turn on lights manually. Need to at least explain how parking break works. Will test lights so know how to turn the car on and operate the lights as directed.

New web site is

Don't practice in DPS stakes. Parallel parking is 25' by 7' with third stake at 3 1/2 feet. 90° back is 10' by 10' with third stake 10' back on right side. Must be done on own without auto method, cameras or beepers. If the driver has full bed and an extended cab the stakes are moved 2 feet farther apart.

Make sure students move over on right turns and check blind spots. If a bike can fit between car and curb you are too wide. Use bike lanes and empty parking spots.

Students must have CERTIFIED birth certificate, Foreign students must prepare early for all forms to be ready. (passport, certified transcript, notarized application, MN address) Farm permit requires tax statement stating ag. use from owner and rental agreement if appropriate.

One road test can be done with "lost" permit. Must have proof of identity.

Correct any errors on paperwork or cards immediately.

Watch speed. Over 5 mph too slow can fail and alley's have 10 mph limit.

One examiner will look into a better form for explaining why a person failed and needs more BTW training. This is seldom required if had 6 hours BTW training.

Students should know about flashing yellow arrows, carbon monoxide (page 84) and zipper merge (page 49 in manual).


Registration: Smooth. Great socializing! Great to see DE people.

Supper: Excellent! Very meaty. Could we do something lighter. (Stillwater)

Excellent speaker. Valuable information.

Always good to get updates and input with examiner.

Overall: I appreciate the informal approach. Very easy to ask questions. Provide E-mail list of contacts for networking. Could use more time. Follow the same procedure. Wow! I'm glad I came. Thank You.
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